My approach

I practise a gentle and compassionate approach to nutrition and health. It’s not about being given a list of rules to follow, or being accountable to me, there is no judgement of you, your size, shape or eating habits.

It’s a journey into understanding your history and relationship with food. It’s about viewing your eating habits and your body through a more kind and compassionate lens. When we understand how we got to where we are now, we can let go of judgement and start working towards building a healthy and joyful relationship with food, mind and body.

Together we’ll work on understanding what’s driving your eating behaviours, discover the triggers for binges and overeating. We’ll focus on expanding  your resources for meeting emotional needs and find gentle ways to nourish your health and well being. Our goal is to achieve effortless compassionate self-care, without the need for external rules and accountability.

This is your first step on your journey to freedom from obsession with food, diets, weight and negative body image. Just imagine who you could be when you let all of that go and use your precious energy to create the life your really want to live…..

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