Is this the right approach for me?

These questions can help you decide if you are ready to embark on a journey to understanding and healing your relationship with food.

  • I’ve dieted many times and at times I’ve lost weight, but  old habits always return and I put the weight back on.
  • I feel a failure for not managing to control my weight.
  • I’m so fed up with restricting my eating and following rules (i.e no carbs, fast days, low calorie, low fat etc)
  • I know how to eat healthily but I still find myself overeating or eating the ‘wrong’ foods
  • I eat when I’m stressed/emotional/lonely/bored/frustrated, even when I’m not physically hungry.
  • I regularly eat large amounts of food all at once, until I feel uncomfortably full
  • I I feel guilt and shame after I’ve overeaten
  • I’m secretive around my food and eating habits
  • I don’t trust my body to tell me when to eat, what to eat or how much to eat.
  • I feel self conscious about my body, I constantly compare myself unfavourably to other women
  • I frequently weigh myself and check my appearance in the mirror and this has a negative effect on my mood and self esteem.

If you’ve answered yes to more than half of these questions it’s likely that dieting and restricting is having a negative effect on your well being.  Getting support to understand your eating behaviours could really help you reconnect with a healthy relationship with food and your body.

If you are feeling that my approach could be a good fit for you, find out what to expect from working one to one with me.