Is this the right approach for me?

Read through these statements and see if any resonate with you….

  • I’ve dieted many times and at times I’ve lost weight, but  old habits always return and I put the weight back on
  • I’m always planning to start a new diet or healthy eating plan
  • I feel a failure for not managing to control my eating and/or my weight.
  • I know how to eat healthily but I still find myself overeating or eating the ‘wrong’ foods
  • I eat when I’m stressed/emotional/lonely/bored/frustrated, even when I’m not physically hungry.
  • I regularly eat large amounts of food all at once, until I feel uncomfortably full
  • I I feel guilt and shame after I’ve binged or overeaten
  • I feel fear and embarrassment about eating in front of other people
  • I’m secretive around my food and eating habits
  • I feel out of control about food
  • I think about food all of the time
  • I don’t trust my body to tell me when to eat, what to eat or how much to eat.
  • I feel self conscious about my body, I constantly compare myself unfavourably to other women
  • I frequently weigh myself and check my appearance in the mirror and this has a negative effect on my mood and self esteem

If many of these statements describe your own feelings about food, eating and your body, it’s likely you have some degree of disordered eating and negative body image. You don’t have to suffer alone, getting the support you need to understand your eating behaviours can help you to overcome these issues for good.

If you are ready to reach out for help, and feel that my approach could be a good fit for you, find out what to expect from working one to one with me.