Are you struggling with a troubled relationship with food, eating and body image?

Are you stuck in a cycle of yo-yo dieting, disordered eating or emotional eating ? Do you feel out of control around food and habitually overeat or binge? 

I work with women to help them explore and make sense of their eating and to heal from disordered eating. Often when we feel out of control of our eating and weight, we turn to dieting or healthy eating plans to help us regain control. Initially this may feel successful, we may lose some weight, feel healthier and back in control of our eating. However, those of us who struggle with emotional eating patterns may find that over time, old habits begin to slip back in, weight lost is regained and we can feel that we’ve failed. This cycle can feel hopeless and yet we cling to the promise of new hope each time a new diet or wellness plan appears.

Diets and experts can tell us what to eat, but they don’t help us to understand why we eat the way we do. We can rarely maintain control over our eating indefinitely, when it is driven by emotional and unconscious processes. When we bring a compassionate and non-judgemental curiosity to our eating behaviours, rather than keep trying the same things over and over, we can achieve lasting positive changes in health, well being and body image.

Would you like to regain a healthy and joyful relationship with food, so that you can concentrate on what’s really important in life?

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